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The diary of a C(l)onehead.

2004-01-28  today I finally decided to order the PCB. It was ordered from P-A Sjöström

2004-01-30  That  was fast! today the PCB arrived  VERY nice card indeed.. Unfurtunally no time to start up my Weller.

2004-02-09  Transformer arrived

2004-02-09  Chip arrived (thnx to Fisksmisk Ola at (what a nick:)))

2004-03-06  A little boxbuilding and soldering.

2004-03-07  Soldering the last parts and of course there was some parts missing (2blooody FKPs)

2004-03-08  Boxes as good as done. only minor things left like feets and LED and another mains switch, maybe even    some text engraving . The boxes look quite good for a 0$ budget, box parts and heatsink are salvaged part.  

2004-03-13  Changed the main switch and did some engraving I took the liberty of renaming it from "QRP-01" to "QRP-01.k" the "k" is to mark that it was build by me, Keld.  I hope that Mr Sjöström doesn't object :).

2004-03-22  Now I have been listening to this gem for more than a week, and it have added a new dimension to the sound so I think I will have to keep it hooked up and I think that the WAF is good enough. SWMBO actually came home in the middle of one of my listening sessions and said " it sound so clear even though  you are playing that loud" that took me over a week to reach the same conclusion she just walks in and and heard it for a second..



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