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This speaker I bought as a kit at Hifikit, just to put in the drivers and x-over, some soldering and then you was supposed to be happy.--- I wasn't ! First of all it was ugly. But worst the vent pipe was almost touching on of the woofers so when playing low notes it sound like there was a little motor in there. An easy fix for that problem was just to turn vent outwards. I also changed the cheap terminals for something better  


Princip Ported
Volume 10 liters
Woofers 2    Seas P14RC/TV
Tweeter 1    Seas H532
Crossover  3500 Hz
Frekvensomfång (Hz) 45 - 20000
Märkeffekt (W) 140
Sensitivity (dB/SPL) 92
impedance   8 ohms
 WxHxD (mm) 450x160x220

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